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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shopko Surprises!!!

So some of you may know that I had my gall bladder removed a month ago. For five months before that I was in a miserable survival mode and was pretty desperate. Gratefully I found a fabulous surgeon who really listened and cared and, most importantly, knew what he was doing. I have been a million times better since the procedure, even with the adjustments the removal has caused. Life is so very good! Because of that, I am happily able to pursue my passions again, including school, gardening, dumpster and deal hunting! It feels so good to really be living again!!! I have definitely been making up for lost time. Today we hit Shopko and a couple of school bins here close by.
I did really well at Shopko!
 Because of the surgery and the many appointments and tests leading up to it, we were able to meet our insurance max out of pocket ($2,000) quite early this year. We will now pay $0 for EVERYTHING  (for me), including prescriptions, for the rest of this calendar year!! That is a wonderful feeling! Even better is knowing that we have prudently kept a buffer in our savings to cover the $2000. My husband is really great about making sure we have that in place and I highly recommend making the necessary sacrifices and choices to have that comfort yourselves! It's so worth it!!!
So went to Shopko to pick up 4 prescriptions that would normally cost (co-pay) $75. We paid nothing and earned our -$10/$20 store coupon! I was excited because I was planning to buy some more soaker hoses. They ended up being on sale for 40% off! It got even better when a coupon for 15% off garden supplies also printed!
**Not shown: 2 lovely garden soaker hoses**

We then took a tour of the many clearance endcaps throughout the store and found a bunch of goodies!!

Kotex tampons $2.39 (clearance)
- $ 2/1 Kotex Security Tampons= .39 ea!!!
***Yes, there is a FREEBIE deal on these at Kroger this week but as I can't guarantee that I will ever find them in stock, I thought it wise to jump on this deal! Plus I have plenty more of these coupons if I do manage to snag the Kroger deal!

Crayola Washable Glue Sticks $.45 (clearance)

Nail Files .13 ea

Cutex Nail Polish Wipes .73 ea
*They were marked .89 but rang up cheaper! Love when that happens!!*

Snapdragon plant .18 (NOT SHOWN)
*This little plant also rang up for less than the marked price!

Barbie Spy Squad dolls $5.59 ea

Barbie Rock n Royals doll $3.59

With the sale and clearance prices, the manufacturer and store coupons, I ended paying (with tax) just $54.04 for the entire transaction! Plus the 4 FREE prescriptions!! 

Then I found all of this fabulous packing material in a bin!

Such a great day! Now to go blow bubbles with the bobbins!! ♡♡♡

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