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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Stop at Shopko

After getting my teeth cleaned today, the boy and I stopped at Shopko for a quickish lookie-loo.
His sneakers were completely falling apart and though I hate buying shoes in the summer, as they get all scuffed up before school starts, it was necessary. I decided to spend the extra money this time and invest in quality shoes, hoping they will last!

They were about 25% off regular price so I was happy enough.
We also bought a couple of fans for the house. It's getting hot folks! I used my $10 random print coupon on them.
And of course we cruised the clearance end caps!
I found these little beauties!
The Pop Ponies were just $.69 each!!!! I wish there had been more!!
The One Daily with Iron vitamins were just $1.59 each and no where near expiring!
I also found these awesome baskets but I couldn't justify buying them so I'll show you and you can grab them if you feel so inclined! :-)

$1.99 each. 90% off retail! Spanish Fork Shopko!

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