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Friday, June 3, 2016

Clearance Plants!!

It's that time again! Gardening is an expensive but incredibly rewarding hobby. When one is always concerned with savings however, it becomes imperative to find ways to save money while still creating ones vision. 
Things like seed and start swapping (I want to start a local club!) are great ways to build your plant collections. I have also had great plant finding success in dumpsters. 
Finally, if you don't have time, desire or connections for the above suggestions, you can always hit the clearance goodies that inevitably pop up!
Spring and Memorial day perennials are the best value as they usually just need to be tidied up a bit and planted well. Then they will reward you year after year! 
It is also still so early in the season that clearance decorative annuals are also a good idea. Plant them well and they will add interest and enjoyment through the summer and fall.

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