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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

One person.

I've been told many times, especially when talking about trying to save the environment, that I'm just one person or the person I'm speaking with is only one person, unable to make a difference. That is of course a load of crap. Often we use this excuse to justify not trying, and not just with the environment. It takes commitment to make a difference, but honestly it doesn't take much more than that. We are so lucky to have recycling and other environmentally friendly activities made so easy and convenient for us. There are just not many good excuses left, folks.

I was doing a quick spot of math today and since I started seriously advocating recycling, vocally encouraging others to make an effort 5 years ago, I have in my own home kept at least 750 plastic milk jugs out of our landfills! I have no idea what 750 milk jugs looks like, but I'm guessing they would certainly make a presence! Maybe if we all saw for ourselves, all at once, just how much we contribute, unnecessarily, to this problem, we might just be horrified and willing to make some small changes.
I'm just one person. But if you add up lots of ones, each with their 750 bottles, it does make a difference. :-) 
Start with baby steps, but please start. ♡

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