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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting Started!

Today we have the heating guys coming to clean our air ducts! Yay!! I'm nervous about paying for it, but I am really excited to get it done! Step one in our early spring cleaning and getting our house more asthma friendly!
While tidying things up this morning, in preparation for their arrival, I was noting all the things I want to get done, organized, straightened. So much to do!!! Instead of letting myself get overwhelmed with the enormity of projects to be done, I am going to make a comprehensive list and give each project/chore a date. Some things will take a couple hours, others a couple days, others maybe a week. I'm going to put a schedule together and do my darndest to stick to it!!
For today, I got the deep freeze sorted, organized, and threw out anything too old. I still need to do the freezer drawer, but it will be more of a project as it needs to be defrosted.
I also portioned out my recent chicken and cheese bulk purchases and made sure to date the bags and put them all together in the freezer so that none will end up lost and forgotten under other items.
One step at a time in the path of progress!!!

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