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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heads up!

Hey kids! I am prepping tonight for tomorrow's shopping adventures and have found a couple of tidbits that are of interest, some of which I am currently willing to share. ;)
Others, I will share tomorrow, after I have taken advantage of them myself. ;)

Smith's (Kroger) has a nice little deal on All laundry detergent and Snuggle fabric softener. They are on sale starting tomorrow at $2.49 with your Fresh Values card. Hop onto the site and upload this fabulous little ecoupon, and get your soap or softener for just $.99!!!

Kroger E coupons

You'll notice several other fun e coupons, some that I've never seen before and am pretty excited about. Coupons for chicken, vegetables and fruit. 
Lots of high value manufacturer e coupons. Get in there and grab them!

I'll also be hitting Rancho Market in Provo. They have some fun 2 day deals I am excited about and you shouldn't miss out on!!

Wednesday & Thursday ONLY
5 doz eggs $5.99

Cucumbers 5/.99

Milk $1.99

There are plenty of other deals that are going all week and then some goodies on Saturday and Sunday only. Get in there and check it out!! I strongly encourage you to make the trip and brave the language barriers!! If we only price match and don't support these stores with the great prices, we will lose these awesome stores and the great prices with them!!! :)
Ps. Most of the cashiers do speak English. Just say "hello" and they will speak to you in English. :)

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