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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blessings and thoughts

I am full of thoughts this morning! I had a late night, considering some very serious things about my life. I ended up exhausted but resolved to enjoy life and not spend it worrying about things that may or may not happen. I believe in being prepared, but not obsessed. Time to practice what I preach! 
So this morning, I am happy to be at home and to not have a busy day planned. Today I get to do laundry and tidy up my house after a crazy week of sick kids and running my brother's kids everywhere while one of his was in the hospital. 

How invigorating it was to wake up and find that I had an offer on ebay for $50.00 for a book I found in the recycling bins last summer!!! What a great way to start the day!!! I was discussing my little business with my husband the other day and decided that I never want to calculate how much I actually make per hour by doing this. It wouldn't be wise!!! Some items I find will sit on my shelves for months or even years before selling. Some I give up on and donate just to keep room for more inventory. Some items sell within literally minutes of acquiring them. It's a crap shoot but I love it and that love and enjoyment counts for a lot! Plus I get to be home with my babies and that is priceless!!
If you are ever thinking of doing what I do, even parts of it, I highly recommend that you do as I have decided, and never try to calculate what you make per hour with all the gathering, processing, posting and selling! The numbers will usually not make it sound worthwhile. The riches come with the ability to make money from home and in doing your small part in keeping excess waste from the filling up the landfills!

Another little blessing that happened this week; my husband won a really fancy Crock Pot in a raffle at work. It retails $50 at Target. We will likely return it there for a gift card. Stay tuned to see what I can do with $50 there! I'm excited for the opportunity! I haven't shopped at Target in about two years so it will be fun to break out those old techniques and I'll need to get caught up on new policies and such. Learning is always a good thing!

Have a blessed and wonderful day, my friends and fellow money savers!

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  1. :) I really enjoyed your insight here. I work currently, but I always love finding ways to save money, and help our family out. I think it;s great you don't calculate because not only does it suck the fun out of everything, but you stop doing things for the right reasons. :)