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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few good deals

 My daughter is in school now, so today it was just the baby and I out shopping. It was a nice little change of pace. We hit Shopko because I had found a really good deal in the clearance section when I was picking up a scrip yesterday. Had to grab my coupons.

 These Trident Layers were on clearance for .82 each. I had (4) -$2/3 any Trident single pack coupons, so I got 12 of them. With tax, I paid just $2.14. Here's the down side, Shopko has a pretty crappy, tedious clearance system. Each item has to be hand keyed and then an override issued. Yeah, lots of people behind me had to check out elsewhere. That part sucked, but you know what I'm willing to do for a great deal! plus, I really needed gum!! There are still at least 20 more packs of this gum at the Spanish Fork Shopko if you have the Trident coupons!

 We also hit Buy Low.

 I grabbed just a few things; Cantaloupe .25/lb
Celery 3/$1
Bell Pepper 4/$1
Pears 3 lb /$1
Plums 2 lb/$1
Lemon 2/$1
I unfortunately skipped the Bananas that were .50/lb. For some dumb reason, I thought I could still get them at Fresh Market. Um yeah.. that deal ended yesterday. I need to sleep more. :)

Here are some deals starting today at Macey's that you don't want to miss out on!!

Meadow Gold 5 qt $5.99
Western Family 8ct Hamburger Buns or Hot Dog buns .79
Clover Club chips 3/$5
Shur Saving canned Chicken .99
16 oz Peanut Butter .99
Nabisco crackers $1.69
Western Family 24 oz Ketchup .79
Don Julio chips .99
Don Julio tortillas .89
WF Sour cream .99
Land o Frost 10-16 oz lunch meat $3.99
-.55/1 16+oz Land o Frost lunch meat

Don't miss out!

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