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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ever thought of this?

So you have all kinds of freebies gathering dust on your show off shelves and want to make room for more... What to do??
How about..........EBAY?!?!?!
Why not make money on the products you got for FREE that you have no need for? These days my friends, we need to look for all possible, legal, money making outlets!
Be reasonable with shipping and avoid greed in your pricing. Remember, anything you make is profit! I know some of you have about a million packages of Reach floss out there that you'll NEVER be able to use! Let's sell them!!!
If you have any questions about how to do this, just let me know!
I know I don't want to go out and get a regular job. I need to be here for my kids right now. This is a fabulous option to make money off of stuff we already have anyway. Plus, for us real freebie addicts, it will clear up all kinds of space for more fun, useless stuff! ;)

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