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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today @ Buy Low and Walgreen's

 We went into town today. I stopped at the Provo Walgreen's and the only thing they had that was on my list was the Dove hair care. I didn't get it because they didn't have anything else I wanted. Should have done it though because the Springville store ended up having more of the stuff I wanted but not the Dove products. :( Lesson learned.

 If you don't make it in on Monday, you kind of have to just be happy with what you can find. I did okay. Got the cheese that I wanted. Use in-ad coupon to get 8 oz shredded cheese for $1.50. Buy 8 and use your 2 -$2/2lb of cheese online coupons. They expire today...
 I also grabbed the FREE fish oil to get the $10 rewards. I will probably sell it on ebay. It was well-stocked unlike most of the other rewards items. I found just one Reach Total Care toothbrush but luckily they are substituting their Crystal ones for the same rewards deal at the Springville store. Use your -$1 off Reach coupons and you'll earn money on this one!
 The Twizzlers are 3/$4. Use your -.55/1 coupons to make them just .78 each.
 I paid $12 plus tax for my total trip and because of a mishap with them improperly labeling their Brach's sale candy, I ended up with $3 RR leftover that I would've liked to use on the cheese. Instead, I will use it on Trident gum. It was out of stock but their truck had come in and just needed to be sorted. I will call in the morning and hopefully get in there and take advantage of it or at least get a rain check. With your -$2/3 Trident coupons, the gum ends up being just .12 per pack of 18 pieces!
 I had to get feisty with a manager named Kaleb and it was not pleasant. I hate when stores mismark things and then don't back up their mistake... Grr.... I still did really well though! :) Paid less than 20% of retail. I'll take it. :)

 Buy Low was of course well stocked with all of their sale items. I love Buy Low. :)
  Finally there are smile producing fruit snacks in my home again! .99 each
A surprise deal: Bananas .50/lb!
Green Bell Peppers 4/$1
Cantaloupe 4 lb/$1
Plums .50/lb
Celery 3/$1
Green Onions 4/$1 These ones are huge! And they all look so vibrant and yummy!
 Red Bell Pepper (another happy surprise!) .59 ea
Peaches .79/lb
Hamburger/hot dog buns  .88
I bought one loaf of Cottage Bread @ $1.19. I normally get more, but only when it's .99. It is really yummy bread!
Bartlett Pears 3 lb/$1
White Onions 3 lb/$1
Tomatoes .50/lb
1 lb bag Baby Carrots .68 each!!!

I love Buy Low. :)
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Happy Shopping!

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