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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Product Review: Payson Lakes Campground

 The family and I enjoyed an evening at Payson Lakes campground up Payson Canyon on Thursday. It was rainy on the way up but quickly cleared as soon as we got there. I must be doing something right. :) We got our fire going quickly (bring your own wood), and cooked tin foil dinners that I had prepared ahead of time. This is a great way to use up vegetables! You can put almost anything in and they taste great!
 The fee for camping has gone up since we last stayed. It is now $17 per night. Between that and the food we bought, necessaries like graham crackers, chocolate, hot dog buns, and bug spray plus gas, we ended spending just under $40 for a mini family vacation. Not too bad. :)
The spot we chose was lovely and relatively spacious for the A loop.

 We were about 4 spots down from the bathrooms. Close enough to be convenient without having to smell it. :) Really, the facilities are pretty good. The bathrooms have been recently remodeled. There is a handy water spigot outside the bathrooms. You can fill your water jugs there.
Ps. No electricity in the bathrooms. Bring a flashlight. :)
 Just a short, scenic hike takes you to the big lake.

 There has been a lot of work done in the last few years to really upgrade the accommodations. Plenty of little fishing spots all the way around the lake and a couple of little beach areas. Lots of grilling areas, complete with picnic tables and grills. Convenient bathrooms and running water. Tons of great scenery and fun walking trails.
 We ran into a lucky little break. I had my husband help an older couple to get out of their canoe and because of that, they invited us to come back the next morning and take their canoe out on the water. How cool is that?! It does pay to be nice. :)
 We came back in the morning and they were waiting for us. They even had life jackets for all 4 of us.

 I know you all dig my stylin' sunglasses. Starting a new trend. ;)
The canoe was a fun adventure, a great way to see all the lake had to offer. I found it very relaxing.
 Oh, and there's a fun dock perfect for jumping into the lake. You'll have to climb over the edge, but it's worth it!

 That would be my lovely man heading into the water. He's so great! :)
 Back at the camp...

 Each  camp spot has a nice fire pit with cooking rack. Like I said, you will need to bring your own firewood. Don't count on being able to gather wood there. Though you may actually find quite a bit of kindling and such, it will likely be green or wet. Green and wet= smokey fire! Word to the wise. :)
 Bring your own camping chairs. Right now is a great time to take advantage of end of season sales on camping items! It's not too late to get in a couple adventures before school starts!

 We had such a great time! It was inexpensive, which made me happy, and it was fun, which made all of us happy. Know that not everything will go perfectly and that is okay! I forgot to bring a bowl to make the pancake mix in. Hence the little cup I'm using to mix it in. It worked just fine and is fun to laugh about. Have a great attitude and roll with the variant wonder of nature!

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