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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sauntering through the woods...

 Life is a never ending adventure! The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Our refrigerator died last night. Luckily we had enough room in the deep freezer and coolers to take care of everything. Then our neighbor brought over a mini fridge this evening. I have the best neighbors!
 A funny thing... The Lord works in mysterious ways. I was frustrated about the fridge but I knew that somehow it would be ok. Well what d'ya know?! My husband's raise came through and we got a check for back pay. It is enough to get another fridge, not a brand new one, but a decent one anyway. I wish sometimes that I wasn't so anti-debt and that we could just go and get a new one on credit, but I made a commitment and have to stick to it!
 It was a lucky thing that I hadn't gone and taken advantage of Buy Low's meat deals yet eh?! See? Things just work out. :)
 I did get to Buy Low today though to grab just a couple of things. I also hit Big Lots but was seriously disappointed. They didn't have Slim Fast bars and the shakes they had were $5. Way too much, especially since they don't take coupons. I ended up grabbing a box of South Beach bars for $4.

I am pleased with the flavor and with how satisfying they are. They'll do the job. :) Plus, I like variety.
 At Buy Low, I spent just $7 and change. I would've liked to get more but until we get the new fridge, I've gotta be careful.

 It is such a great week at Buy Low! Sorry I didn't get their full sale list up this week. It's been crazy hectic and busy here! Go ahead and check their ad though. I'm sure you'll see some deals you'll be excited about!
 I'm going to do some more shopping tomorrow to use my pork coupons and then I'll do the rest of my shopping on Tuesday. I'll report then!

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