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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today at Macey's

 The kids and I hit Macey's today. I love case lot season!!
 I always extend the budget a bit during case lot. It is worth it to tighten our belts elsewhere in order to stock up on staples. I went in with the knowledge I had gained by going through my purchases from last case lot season. I was much wiser this time around. Here are the things I took advantage of:
8 cans Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce @ .88 ea
This tops off my supply and should definitely keep us till the next sale.
5 cans Kidney beans @ .50 ea.
I bought 3 last time and though I don't use these often, 3 wasn't enough. I'm interested to see if this number works. Remember, this is a process folks. You won't perfect it in a day!
5 boxes Mac n' cheese @ .35 each.
I don't use this nearly as often as I used to since I've gotten really interested in cooking but it is still great to have on hand. This was just enough to top off my supply. I didn't like the price. I'm hoping that Kroger will have it a little cheaper when they do their case lot. Last time I was able to get it for .29 each.... :/
We've been using a LOT of honey lately, so I grabbed the giant jar of honey for $10.99. I'm tempted to get another before the sale ends...
I grabbed a bag of Santita's chips at $1.88. I hate paying that much, but we need them. Hoping for a sale!!!
I grabbed 2 Swanson's Vegetable broth at .50 each. I bought 2 last time and it seemed to be the perfect amount.
 The Sesame seeds were the result of an exchange. I had bought a Spice It bottle and there were webs in it! Yuck! Due to the case lot sale, the Spice It display was taken out so the manager gave me a deal on the larger jar of Mother's sesame seeds. Remember that the store will take care of you, just ask!
  Two cases of Ramen @ .10 per package. I will go back for 2 more with next week's budget.
  I really stocked up on canned tomatoes this time! Regular and Italian style. .50/can.

  Olives, 12 cans @ .79 each. This is an AMAZING price!!! I will get at least 12 more, maybe 24, next week.
 The pineapple is .88 each. I grabbed 12 and will get at least that many more next week.
  So happy to have held out for a deal on brown rice!! I've been waiting for a few months and yay!! Here's a 20 lb bag for just $8.99!!!!
 Here's a great little deal: I got 6 bags of Shoestring potatoes at just .50 each! This will be a fun and easy treat for the kids! Ok, a treat for me, too. :)
 So my husband is going to finish the rest of today's shopping for me... He went into town to work on the cupboard doors with my brother, so he's gonna hit Buy Low and Walmart for me. I'm pretty nervous.... but I'm sure he'll do fine. I'll let you know how it goes!

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