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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better Hurry!

  These items were actually a splurge. This week is our "A" week. (See my Cooking as a Couple blog) and so I want to try Asparagus tonight. The Parsley and Half & Half are for my Parsley Ice cream I'm making to finish last week's Parsley experiment.
  Here we have some of the great deals you don't wanna miss out on! Stock up or top off what you have. All of the specialty WF Beans are .50 each. The Shur Saving canned Chicken is just .89!!!
Soffs wipes are .88. I just grabed 2 to top off my supply.
 The vinegar is not on special but I've been telling the hubs I would pick some up for weeks now. Almost forgot again. A nice bagger ran and grabbed it for me. I love Macey's!
  The WF Pancake mix is cheaper per pound than the Krusteaz by like .06. The ramen is .10 each. I might go back for another couple of cases... We use a lot more of it than I am proud to admit....
 There was a happy clearance cart near the yogurt that I was thrilled to find. I got 2 pair of flip flops for just .50 each! Plus a Beach ball for the same price. There were different kinds of balls and other floaties. Fun for stocking stuffers or next years summer parties.

 Case lot ends today friends!!!
The kids and I just hit Macey's to take advantage of some of the case lot deals before it's too late. Some of these prices won't be around again for several months! If you have it in your budget, I highly recommend you get over there! Most things were well stocked. Remember that you can always get a rain check if they do happen to be out. One thing I know is out is the WF Regular Black beans. They do have the low sodium variety stocked though.

  I topped off my olives (.79 each!!) and my pineapple (.88 each). I also grabbed a can of Blackeyed Peas just for fun. Any recipe suggestions??
 Finally, we are almost out of paper towels, so I jumped on this deal! 15 rolls for just $5.79!!!

After Macey's we hit the nearby dollar store.

 I almost bought a 24 ct pack of allergy meds at Macey's for $2.99. Hallelujah that I didn't! I found 36 ct packs at the dollar store! The other goodies I am not going to explain but yes, they were $1 each as well. ;)
 Lessons to be gleaned: Hurry or you'll miss out and end up paying full price! Case lot ends today!!!
Also, check out your dollar store. You'll be surprised at what you might find there!

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