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Friday, September 2, 2011

No Electricity Day!

 In jest, the hubs said he wants to have a day without electricity. Our last bill was pretty high apparently. :( We've all been making an active effort to turn off unnecessary lights the past few days. I want to really do this though! I need to pick a day, and then I hope you all will join me in a day of NO ELECTRICITY!! It will save all of us a bit of money, plus provide for all kinds of creativity and quality family time!
 Time to dust off the board games in the attic, or plan a day up the canyon, with games like Red Rover and Duck Duck Goose. A scavenger hunt and a bon fire.
 What will you do with your day "off?"
 Please comment with ideas and pledges! Here's a good day to do it:
Saturday, 9/10. Lights out till midnight!! Can you do it?!?! Hello candles and kerosene lamps! Just be careful that you keep an eye on them!
 Can you go a whole day without the tv and computer?! And handheld digital devices?! Cell phones can be used for necessary calls/txt, but no games or browsing! I know you can do it!!!

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