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Monday, August 22, 2011

Saving at Saver's!

 The kids and I met up with my sis in law today at the Savers in Orem. We got there just after the store opened at 9. Mondays are a big day, what with the .99 and half price clothing deals. My sis in law is a pro at this! She got there before us and went through the racks finding things on my list that had the right tags. Together we scoured the clothing departments!
 On my list of things to find were the following:
 For me:
3 pair of jeans 
3-4 church skirts or dresses
3-4 gym outfits
For the kids:
3-4 sets of jammies for each child
3-5 pair of pants for my daughter
2-3 long sleeved shirts " "
3-4 long sleeve church shirts for my son
 Here's what I ended up with. I spent $52.50 total. Brand new, these items would cost at least $400, as some are pricey name brands. All were in great condition!
  3 church shirts, 1 set of warm jammies, 2 sweaters and one coat for my son.
  This adorable black aviator coat was just .99!!!
 3 pair of pants and one long sleeved shirt for my daughter. I was bummed to find so little on sale in her size. Luckily it is still warm and we can utilize summer clothes for a bit. I will hunt for more deals for her next month.
 3 workout shirts and 2 workout shorts for me.
 3 pair of fabulous jeans for me.
3 skirts and one dress for me.
 I just love Saver's and shopping there with my favorite thrift shopping expert! If you plan to hit up the Monday deal day, get there early! And if you have some things around the house you want to get rid of, head around the back of the store, donate them and pick up a coupon that you can use for a percentage off your total purchase!

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