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Monday, July 29, 2013

Today's Stinky but Wonderful Hunt!

I stink! Must take a shower! It was worth the effort though! I found several bags and boxes of goodies!
It has all been sorted and put away now, ready to be enjoyed or sold!
 A huge pile of brand new and nearly new kids' books!
 A lovely little jewelry box with little girl's jewelry. 2 Forever stamps! Colored pencils, sharpie marker, and magnet toy.
Pilates videos.
 Nail polishes, hair pretties, a big road atlas.
 Kid's wallet, board book, bike license plate, craft supplies, envelopes.
 A bunch of kids jewelry crafting kits! Such an awesome find!!!
 A little jewelry box including some ocean themed stamps!
 Plastic Easter eggs.
 Brand new pack of baby seat belt covers. A little camera bag.
 A bunch of Easter baskets and decorations.
 A really nice bear.
 Tons of gift bags!!
 Girls' tights and socks, some baby clothes.
Two bags of stuffed animals. I'll need to wash them, and then I may keep one or two and then donate the rest.

Overall, an incredibly successful dive!

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