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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can you switch?? Can I??

 I'm spending the morning clipping, sorting, and filing my coupons for this afternoon's shopping/hunting adventure. As I'm sitting here, I am watching eco-friendly documentaries on Netflix. I always feel so inspired and motivated when I watch there. My latest inspiration is the idea of switching to chemical-free cleaning products. You could go as far as personal care products, but I like baby steps!
I'm thinking of starting with a couple of household cleaning supplies. Not only do these recipes save our environment, they are also a lot cheaper than buying store brands! Maybe you are getting them FREE with your coupons.. If money is your only motivation, than you probably won't switch. If you buy into the bigger picture however, you'll see the myriad benefits for ours and our children's future and it will be obvious that the change is worthwhile!!
In watching these shows, I think one of the toughest things to give up for me, will be air freshener sprays. I did not realize all the harmful chemicals they contained. Having breathing problems myself and also having a baby with the same, I know it is worth the effort of change!
This just seems like the natural next step for me and for my family. So this week I am going to put some of these recipes together and give them a try. I will report my findings! Feel free to try them right along with me!

Laundry Detergent Recipe:

Thoroughly stir together for 5 minutes and enjoy the results!  That’s it folks…seems too good to be true, but it is true indeed!
Use 1 Tbsp per load (or 2 Tbsp for heavily soiled loads).
Floor Cleaner Recipe:
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tablespoon liquid dish soap
2 gallons hot tap water
Mix & mop. No rinsing needed.
Glass Cleaner Recipe:
1 cup rubbing alcohol
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vinegar
Carefully mix together the three ingredients in a new empty spray bottle. Do not reuse a spray bottle that previously had another kind of cleaner in it, since the risk outweighs the potential savings. You should also label the spray bottle as glass cleaner and keep it safely stored where curious pets or children will not have access.

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