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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Today's Hunting!

The kids and I ran the rounds today of Spanish Fork and Mapleton school bins. There wasn't much until I hit Rees, my always rewarding spot. They sure are wasteful! :/ It made the hunt worthwhile at least.
 I have yet to sort and process but you can see here that I got tons of file shelves.
 All kinds of decorations for nearly every holiday!
 Books, binders and games. Tons of border decor for walls and boards.
And the find of the day, nay, the find of the week! This size 2x snowboarding coat!! It is in perfect condition!!! Even clean! I just love these kinds of finds!!

After my diving, I headed into Springville to pick up some money from a client. I noticed that The Wandering Wardrobe (I store I hadn't been into before) was having a yard sale. I had been planning to head to either D.I. or Saver's this afternoon to look for shorts for myself and my two daughters. No need now! It took a lot of hunting through the unorganized piles, but I found some serious treasures!!
Skirts, shorts and shirts for all three of us girls! Not only that, the box of Avent Bottles (BRAND NEW!!) that the guy said I could have for just $.25!! When I checked out though, the girl knocked off the change so I got them FREE!! Those and a nice pair of maternity pants are among the items I will resell online.
This store specializes in name brand clothing so everything they had was top of the line and it was selling for just $1 each!! If I had had a bigger budget, I would have grabbed several more armloads of resell items!
They told me they will be doing another yard sale like this one next month. I'll be keeping track of their FB page to see when. I highly recommend you do too!!!

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