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Friday, July 5, 2013

Another lesson learned & an investment

I woke in the middle of the night last night to the dreaded sound of rain outside! Normally, in the parched desert I live in, it would be a welcome sound. Last night however, all of my inventory was out on the patio, uncovered! I threw on a t-shirt and ran outside with husband sleepily following behind. Both of us half dressed, half awake, half crazy trying to get things in the house or get them covered.
This morning I was able to assess the damage and was grateful to find that it wasn't too bad. I sometimes learn quickly, thankfully, and heeded James' words of advice. He said that I need to treat this business like a real business, meaning that some of my profits need to go back into the business in the form of wise investments. So we packed up the kids and headed off to Home Depot. I spent $200 (ouch!) and got plywood and other supplies. James has begun this new labor of love, building me an inventory shed!
I'm going to hit the re-use store to look for paint and shingles. Trying to keep the budget to $300 or less. You know how I am about spending money, but I really feel like this is a wise investment in the future.
In the wee hours, as I was soaked and feeling depressed, I wondered if this was all really worth it. But it hit me pretty hard that few people can say they love what they do these days. And yes, dirty, sweaty, and gross as it sometimes is, I LOVE what I do! So yes, I will keep on plugging away at it and now I will have a strong, beautiful little shed to store my inventory.
 Wall #1
 It's raining and cool tonight, but it was HOT when he was working. Hence the slushy. :)
 I bought these boards. ;) Yep. Me. With money from the garbage!
 This is the side of the house where the shed will live. You can see my present inventory set up. I did the best I could to cover it tonight. We'll see what has survived in the morning....

He's just so handy... and handsome.... and he's mine. :)

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