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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Productive Weekend!

I did no shopping this weekend! I was busy though! James and I built my new shed! It is so wonderful!! We aren't building the front yet because I am saving to extend it another 7 feet. I have it blocked off though and no longer have to worry about my inventory getting wet! It is so wonderful and my husband is just so great!
I also spent tons of time on the fb indoor yard sale. I was able to clear out of a LOT of inventory and consignments! It was WONDERFUL!! I think this is the way I'm going to do things now!! No more sitting out in the hot sun all day, hoping for customers to show up! Well... I might still do that now and then. But mostly I will take advantage of the indoor avenue. So much less manual labor and just as much in the profits department!
Since I was able to move a lot of stuff, I am going to take a couple of days this week to hunt for more inventory! The summer is flying by and I missed out on a lot of hunting last week. If I want this to be an all year business, I will need to stock up on enough stuff to sell through the winter! Kind of feels like I'm a little squirrel gathering nuts....  :)
Stay tuned for the reports!

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