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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today's Adventures

I hit three stores with two of my kids this morning. We got ourselves moving early and accomplished a lot pretty quickly.
We hit Walmart first to double coupons.
* The asterisk will indicate that the coupon was doubled.*
Sadly, the Jiffy Pop 3 packs that I normally get with a doubled coupon, are no longer available at Walmart. At least, not at the Springville store. :( Now you have to buy 8 or 10 packs. Not as good of a deal, so I skipped it.
The huge bag of rolls was $2.10 on the day old rack. You can usually find it sitting in the dairy section.
Progresso Soup Starters $1.48 ea
-.50/1 coupon*= .48 ea
I took advantage of this because Cheese Soup is incredibly expensive. This is a great alternative, especially while Progresso is on roll back.
Carefree liners .94 ea
-.50/1*= FREE
C&H Brown Cane Sugar $1.98 ea
-.50/1 coupon*= .98 ea
This is even cheaper than last year!! How often does that happen?!?!
Ivory 3 pack soap $1.24
-.50/1 coupon*= .24 ea!!!
I am going to gather up as many of those coupons (October P&G insert) as I can as totally stock up on soap!!
La Victoria Whole Wheat Tortillas $1.78
-.75/1 coupon*= .78 ea!!
How cool is that price?? On whole wheat tortillas, that is a STEAL! These ones were tricky to find. You need to actually look on the aisle right next to the other La Victoria salsas and such. They WON'T be in the tortilla section. 
Frigo Cheese Sticks $2.98 (roll back!)
-.55/1 coupon*= $1.98!!!!
I have never seen them this low before! Anyone know if they freeze well??

We hit Rite Aid next to use my $5 +UP rewards from last week.
So their milk is way expensive! $3.89 per gallon! But with my rewards, after tax, I paid $1.50 per gallon.

Then we hit Buy Low:
 12 oz Corn Flakes $1.25
-$1/2= .75 ea!!!!
Always check the CLEARANCE section!! And bring your coupon binder as you never know what surprise deals you might find!
Chips Ahoy ad-matched w/Smith's $2.00
-.50/1 coupon (All You October mag)= $1.50
Red Grapes .99/lb
Sliced cheese product .99
 24 oz Cottage Cheese ad matched w/Smith's $1.67
Land o' Frost 16 oz deli meat ad-matched w/Macey's $2.99
-$1/2 coupon= $2.49 ea
Red Bell Pepper ..79
Green Bell Pepper 2/$1
Salad .99 ea
Roma Tomatoes 2lb/$1
Bananas 3lb/$1
5 qt ice Cream $5.99
Large Whipped Topping $1.98
Celery ad-matched w/Fresh Market .99
98% fat free Cream of Chicken soup $1.09 ea
I also did a bit of coupon hunting today and will do that and some dumpster diving tomorrow. Excited to find some treasures!
I've worked through a lot of my "inventory" on ebay these last couple of months and am ready for new merchandise!! Who knows what's out there waiting for my gloved hands?!

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