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Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the Bins!

 I've been asked several times what exactly I'm looking for when I hit the recycling bins. I went "hunting" today for my weekly fix and ended up with a nice assortment of goods. It is actually a really good representation of what I search for on a regular basis. So here ya go:
 Coloring Books! most of these haven't even been used! The ones that have, only have a few used pages. Great for my kids!
 Magazines! These are a great seller on ebay!
 Books and coupons!
 Cardstock and other fun paper! Yes, that whole rainbow is from today!!!
Brand new, still in the plastic items to sell!! Craziness!!

I also grabbed some egg cartons. My grandparents have chickens and regularly give me some so I bring them all the empty cartons I find.

Another thing that I am always on the lookout for: PACKING MATERIALS!! Between the recycling bins and the dumpsters behind stores, I never need to pay for envelopes or bubble wrap! I sell lots of goods online and am able to keep my overhead nice and low this way. Plus, I'm recycling! yay for saving the world!

So if you wanna know what to look for, this is the gist of it: If you can use it or sell it, if it is something that you will likely have to buy at some point anyway, then YES! Grab it! Then make sure you put things to use or get them sold as fast as possible. This is a fun business but can quickly become a disastrous mess! I like to sort everything the day that I find it and get it all put in its proper place as fast as possible!


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