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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Surprises!

So.. this new commitment to not buy anything MADE IN CHINA... I admit I am human and suffer from weakness now and then. Luckily, the good Lord has blessed me for my feeble efforts!
I needed new filter bags for my Whisper fish tank filter. I had put off buying them because I was just certain that they had to be made in China. Finally though, my poor fish were crying (yes, crying!) because of the filthiness of their habitat. I couldn't let it go on.
I walked over to the local pet store and grabbed the filter bags without looking at the bottom of the box. I tried to rationalize that if I didn't look then I didn't know and so it would be okay. 
My dedication won out however and I looked. Plus I was waiting in line and am a less than patient person. Guess what?!?! They are MADE IN THE USA!!! I was so elated that when it was my turn to pay, I delighted the cashier with my story. Okay, so he wasn't as passionate as I was about it, but I practically floated back to my house! 
Not only had I saved money and pollution by walking, I had also supported a small, local business... AND... I bought from us!!!!
So that was one. Then, in the shower today, I decided it was time to finally replace the blades on my Venus Razor. I had bought the new blades before my commitment began, sure again that this was a made in China item. As I was getting a new blade out of the box though, I decided I may as well check since the deed was already done.
Lo and behold, they are made in Mexico! I am totally okay with that!!! So, there's another brand I shall be promoting! Now if only they would move some of that work home.... Must be patient! :)
Finally! I was out for an evening walk with my sister and noticed an interesting shadow behind the dumpster of a local credit union. I of course had to inspect the situation. What I found was something I had actually been thinking of buying!! It was one of those thick vinyl floor coverings that are used in office spaces for wheeled chairs to move around on.
I had it on my list because my sweet little boy has been having potty accidents in his bedroom and it is ruining the carpet. While trying to cure him of this problem, I thought it would be helpful to have some kind of carpet protection. And what?!?! I found it! For FREE!! 
It was a major pain carrying it home, what with all the pokies on the one side that hold it to the carpet. But I persevered like my pioneer heroes and it is now in my son's bedroom! 
YOU can save money too!! Keep your eyes OPEN for these opportunities and the good Lord will bless you  too!
Now I must go and save some more money by baking this week's bread! Ta ta for now!

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