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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post Office Instead of Land Fill

Just a little "I'm saving the world!" tid bit!
This pic is of a bag of packages on their way to the post office. All of them salvaged from dumpsters and recycling bins around the valley. They are now headed to all kinds of different places around the country to people who will appreciate them so much more than the ones who through them away. 
It's like they're getting a second life. Does that mean I just gave birth... ? ;)
Anywho, a little money in my pocket and even more good earth karma in my soul-bank!
You can make a difference too. You don't have to go diving like me. Just be aware of what you're throwing away. Could it find a home somewhere else? If we all do our part, our kids just might have a better world to grow up in. There's today's dose of idealism. Enjoy!

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