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Monday, October 1, 2012

Made in....?

I have committed to buying NOTHING that is MADE IN CHINA between now and the end of the year! Yes, that includes the Halloween through Christmas shopping season!!!
I hit Saver's today, looking for Halloween costumes and such. There were many tempting deals but they were MADE IN CHINA. I thought it would be harder, but it was actually pretty easy finding the things that I needed, NOT made in China. :)
Glow in the dark webs! Made in the USA!!!! $3.99

Fabulous red wig for my daughter's Ariel costume. NOT made in China! $10.00.

A fabulous scarecrow costume for myself! NOT made in China!

Lion costume for my son, and the fabulous wig for my girl. I got the mermaid costume online before my NO CHINA pledge. ;)

I also bought 3 blouses and 2 skirts for myself, and a fabulous pair of designer jeans to sell on ebay!
None of them made in China!
Feeling good and powerful! It only took a horrible picture my  brother received from a friend, an infant, placenta and all, still attached, lying in the gutter of a dirty Chinese street.. The infant was a girl. I cannot in good conscience support a society that would allow something so atrocious. It is easy to say how terrible it is and to feel bad for young Chinese and Indian girls. It is another thing to back it up with your actions. I am trying now to do my small part to let them know how I feel. If we don't speak up, and then back it up, no one will know what we believe. Alright, that's my soap box for today! It is possible to buy things NOT made in China, and STILL GET A GREAT DEAL!

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