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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HURRY!! Stokes freebie!!

Hey kids! A frosty good morning to all! Last night I made a quick stop at STOKES in Salem. I got what I needed and was also thrilled to find a great deal that I just have to share!!
You might know that Stokes has teamed up with Ace Hardware and you can find all kinds of tools, conveniently, closer than Provo. I think it's a great business idea.
Anywho, in the Ace section, you will find an end cap, near the front of the store, that is loaded with purple jugs of de-icer fluid. The signage is confusing but I had the friendly attendant explain it to me.
Buy the fluid for just $1.50 (already a GREAT price!!). Fill out the rebate form that the attendant gives you (make sure to have them print out 2 receipts for you!), mail in the form and receipt, and a few weeks later......
Receive a $1.50 rebate in the mail!!! There is a limit of 2 per household, and I highly recommend you grab two! Especially if you're in Utah like me! This product also has a rain-x type component to it, so think of the spring rain, it is a great product for then too.
Rebate must be postmarked by January 31st, 2013!!!!! So hurry up and get in there!!!

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