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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Discussing Diet Products.. It's that time of year..

You may have noticed the New Year Effect in full swing lately. At the gym, at the health food stores, and certainly in our local ads and coupon inserts. So, I have no choice but to "weigh" in on the subject! Yes, I am feeling funny today. We have like a million inches of snow outside. Laughing keeps me sane. :)

Whatever your chosen health plan, there is a coupon and a sale to meet your needs. The tricky thing that I wanna break down for you are all the coupon details.

Slim- Fast

Macey's has the Slim Fast shake bonus packs (qty 6) on sale for $4.88. This is a great price, especially with your $1 off coupon. Here's the tricky part. They have limitations. Look at the fine, but bold, print on the coupon.Limit on per purchase and 2 per shopping trip!
For wanting us to buy their products, they sure don't make it easy! Maybe bring your spouse and a couple kids to do individual transactions? I didn't see any restrictions per household. Of course, as companies get stricter with their coupons, that will probably be an added limitation.

Atkins (my personal fave and the one I have found most effective after having this baby)

Macey's is again the place to find your savings! They have Atkin's 4 pack shakes for $4.99. With your $1 off coupon, this is a lovely deal. And here's the kicker: No limits or restrictions on coupon quantities!
Macey's has Atkins bars (5 count) for $4.99 also. This does not include Meal Bars. I have found that the "snack" type bars work great as meal bars though.

Walmart in Payson has a few of Atkin's meal bars and snack bars on clearance right now which makes for a fabulous deal with your $1 off coupon. They are on the high price of the sale end when it comes to all other "diet" products. You can always ad-match of course. Then though, you may run into the "Payson Problem." Depending on which cashier you get (some are far more strict than others), you may only be able to use 4 like coupons, regardless of what the coupon states.

Good n' Natural Bars

You probably noticed the FREE coupon on Good n' Natural single bars. Did you also notice the restrictions and limitations? One per purchase and 2 per shopping trip.
The other problem you may run into is finding them!
Let me save you the trouble!
You can find them at
Rite Aid
I have yet to find them at ANY grocery stores and Walmart does not carry them either.
So, you can get a bunch of Freebies, but is it worth the hassle? You decide. :)

To sum up:
Now is definitely the time to stock up on these types of products!! It may take some doing, with all the restrictions and such, but you can find some awesome savings if you put forth the effort. Plus these products have long shelf lives so if you can, try to get set up for the year! Good luck with all of your New Year's Resolutions!
Ps. Macey's sale only goes through this Monday!!

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