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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yesterday at Walmart

I hit the Payson Walmart yesterday and went aisle by aisle with my binder, looking for double coupon deals. I found lots of good ones. An important note that I thought I'd better share with you:
The Carefree panty liners $.50 coupon has had recent detail changes that are very important and really sad.
It now has a size requirement and you won't be able to get the small packs for FREE anymore. :( I didn't realize this until I was checking out and the cashier noticed it. It's a bummer, but I know we'll still be able to find ways to get a great deal! Rite Aid has them on sale this week and if you play your rewards right, you can't still get your liners FREE.
Another important note about Rite Aid: the Finish dishwasher detergent does not include the gel packs in the B1G1 deal this week! You'll get an awesome deal using your $2.15 coupon at Walmart though!! Makes each box about $1.85! Another great stock up if you love the gel packs like I do!
Also, the would-be FREE Carmex, that is marked $.99 at Walmart, rings up $1.47. If  I had had time to fight it yesterday, I would have. If you want to make a stink about it, more power to you!! They need to honor their marked prices.
Just one other note: Remember that Payson's cashiers are a lot stricter on coupon policy. If you're looking for more flexibility but are okay with less merchandise in stock, Springville is the place to go!
Ps. I'm knocking on wood that Walmart won't end their double Tuesdays any time soon! Not sure how many more challenges to my deal finding I can handle!

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