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Friday, January 4, 2013

Correction and notes

Good morning! So I goofed on Macey's sales this week. They are having one day only deals and several of the prices I listed were one day only. Refer to
Also, fyi, the chocolate chips on sale are actually "chocolate-flavored" chips and not real chocolate. I skipped them. There are "real" chocolate chips though, Western Family brand, on sale for 3/$5 which is still a great deal.
One other note, the 6 pack of Shur Saving paper towels is a pack of very small rolls. If you need them now, it's a decent deal but if you can hold out and gather more P&G coupons, I'd recommend doubling your Bounty coupons on Tuesday at Walmart for the Bounty single roll. It is much larger and will end up costing just $.50 each. 

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