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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't Miss These Prices!

Here are some prices you definitely don't want to miss out on!! Some of these are the lowest I've seen in about a year!!


I am so happy to see Smith's being competitive again! Every few months they come out with a great ad like this, I just wish it was more often!

Kroger Peanut Butter 18 oz  1.59 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Maruchan Ramen Noodles 6/$1 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Kroger Tomato Sauce 8 oz 5/$1 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Hunt's Pasta Sauce .88 wyb CASE
limit 2 cases

Sun Laundry Detergent liquid 40 load  4/$5

Progresso soup .88 wyb CASE 12 count
limit 2 cases
-$1/4 Progresso soup
-.50/2 Progresso soup (ss 1/06)
-.25/1 Progresso light soup (ss1/06)
I'm not entirely sure how it will work with the coupons where you have to buy a case, but I will check it out and let you know!

Tillamook Shredded Cheese 5 lb  11.99
-.25/1 2 lb cheese
With coupon, this is just $2.34/lb!!

Barilla Pasta 12-16 oz
-$1/2 Barilla pasta (ss 1/06)

Kroger Cottage Cheese 24 oz 3/$5

Kellogg's Cereal 12.3-18 oz 1.88 wyb 5
There are a bunch of Kellogg's coupons online right now where if you buy 2 boxes, you can get all sorts of other FREE stuff, including PRODUCE!! 
Check out! Must sign up to print.

Remember that Macey's weekly deals continue through Monday, when the new sales week starts.

Western Family Chocolate Chips 3/$4 (1.33)

Chunk White Chicken .77

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate .99

6 pk WF Paper Towels 2.99 (.49 per roll!!)

Handi Snacks 4 pk Pudding cups .79

8 oz Shredded Cheese 1.50 (limit 4)
-.25/1 any 2lb of cheese

Peanut Butter 18 oz 3/$5 (1.67)

24 Roll WF Toilet Paper 3.97

64 oz WF Apple Juice 4/$5 (1.25)

Pompeiian Olive Oil 16 oz B1G1

Swiss Miss instant cocoa box 10 ct B1G1
-.50/2 any Swiss miss

1 gallon WF Vegetable Oil 5.99

Fresh Market
Fresh Market is still Wednesday to Wednesday

1 lb Baby Carrots .99

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1.79/lb

Red Bell Pepper .99

6 oz Blueberries or Blackberries 2/$5

I am so excited to be able to cross some things off my household running list this week!! Patience pays off!

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