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Friday, February 1, 2013

Smith's: A couple of notes

I've been scoping out Smith's as they are continuing their Mega 10 Event this week. I've decided that the most deals are going to be found at the Provo store. You can mix your Mega items with all their close out/coupon deals, add your earned Catalinas on top, and you will do really well!
I've been walking up and down each aisle looking for Close Out tags. I have found all kinds of great coupon match ups, including money makers. Apparently each store is different though. Payson didn't have nearly as many or as good of Close out prices as Provo. One thing they did have that you might be interested in:
On the Clearance end cap near the pharmacy, the whole bottom shelf is full of Quaker's Perfect Portions on clearance for $.99. There is an online printable coupon for $.50 off of one. So print as many as you can from your family and friends' computers, and you can stock up on lots of yummy oatmeal.
For anything else though, I recommend hitting the Smith's stores further north.
Bring along your coupon binder, your overstock coupon file box, and a pair of scissors. Then, just walk up and down each aisle and see what you find! A regular treasure hunt! Enjoy!!

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