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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yesterday's Adventures!

 I loaded up the kids and ventured out into the subzero temperatures to hit several stores. It was a trial for all of us, but I got it done!
 We hit Office Max first to grab the $1 Duck tape. They were, for some reason, totally unaware of their  advertised sale. The girl even tried looking it up online (no idea where she looked...) and couldn't find it. So I am going back in there today with the print-out of the ad so they will have to give me the deal! Frustrating!! I won't be stopped though!!

We also hit Smith's to grab a few of their good deals. I checked the clearance end cap and found a few goodies;
 Small plastic spray bottle .39
 Battery Powered Christmas Wreathe lights .39
Chopped Nut Topping .99

I also hit Rite Aid to grab their money maker Blistex and the Ziplock Slider bags that have +UP rewards. They were nearly out of the bags. Probably all gone by now. They did have plenty of the Blistex though. I am saving my rewards for this next week's sale.

At Walgreen's, I got the FREE Weight loss supplements and 4 rolls of the .39 tape. While I was at it, I hit there clearance end caps and was thrilled with what I found!! I don't think they've ever had that great of a clearance variety. All good stuff!
I paid $13 total for the supplements, tape, and the following clearance items:

(19) elf .35 oz Lip Gloss
(2) Beauty to go French Nail kits
(4) Christmas decorative soap
(2) Art Glass Pendant Necklaces

Talk about WOW!!! It was so great!!!

At Buy Low I got a bunch of great produce at rock bottom prices. There wasn't anything great in their clearance carts, but you always have to at least look!!

And now, off to claim my Duck tape!! They better be ready for the wrath and the fury! Conquer, I will!

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