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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My husband has been finding all kinds of goodies at thrift stores lately that we have successfully sold online for awesome profits! I decided it was high time I got in on the action! I hopped over to "Junk In My Trunk," here in Spanish Fork. The lady who runs the store, Tina, helped me find things I wouldn't necessarily have thought to look for. I ended up spending a bit of time there, searching every nook and cranny. I found some real treasures! Not only that, Tina has this on going great deal where you fill a bag with nearly anything in the store for just $5 plus tax!!! You can get amazing deals if you'll just make a bit of time in your schedule for digging!
Here's what I found:
Kids tap and ballet shoes in really nice condition!
A Walt Disney movie catalog from 1981, the very year I was born!
Airwalk sandals for me!
An unopened car phone charger.
A box of nursing pads.
An Italian leather wallet.
Several fast food collectible toys.
A nice wooden frame.
An internet modem.
All of this for just $5 plus tax!! I'll be hitting it up once a week and several other small thrift shops! I suggest you do the same!!! :)

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