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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things to consider...

I am thinking over lots of things today... I went and got my next round of wasp shots and felt very encouraged. Sick, but encouraged. :)
I have gotten tons of laundry done, before getting the shots, and was able to sort out several items of clothing the kids have grown out of for donation. Sometimes spring cleaning is best done in small steps in the midst of doing regular chores. It can keep it from being overwhelming. I'm thinking I will sort one drawer or one closet with every couple of baskets I put away.
So took a gamble buying an Atkins Starter Kit at Walmart today with a coupon (still a lot of money though), to see if I could make a little profit off of it online, since it isn't sold everywhere. The nice thing is that if I can't get the price I want, I can sell it piece meal to at least make up what I spent or even use some of it myself. Stay tuned for the results of this gamble!

Other things I am thinking about: Renew Sam's Club Membership or try to find my stuff cheaper elsewhere??
I have gone through this before and eventually ended up giving in and getting a new membership after a year long hiatus.
As I was shopping there today, knowing that my membership expires tomorrow, I did a bit of recon, comparing some prices and doing a bit of math in my head. My conclusion is that the following items are the only ones that will likely be difficult to find cheaper elsewhere:
Frozen Vegetables
Allergy Medicine
Cetaphil Lotion
String Cheese (maybe)

That's about it. Even gas is cheaper at Smith's if you always use your own bags and earn the gas credits. Butter is cheaper at the grocery store on sale.... Yogurt and milk too. You just have to stock up when it is on sale.
The diapers... I could maybe make a better deal by using a sale plus coupons plus overage from other coupons... It would definitely require some effort. Hoping to be done with diapers in the next 6-12 months!!
I'm mostly veering toward not renewing the membership.

Another train of thought. I heard today that we are getting a new Walmart here in Spanish Fork. WHY?!?!
We have no need of such nonsense with existing stores in the surrounding towns! I'm annoyed and worried. I hate to see our local businesses suffer! Plus, the rumor is that it will go up behind Kmart. Might as well start planning Kmart's funeral... :(
It will come down to all of us being loyal to our local businesses and doing our best to still patronize them. Definitely a challenge!!! Darn Walmart and its monopolization of everything and everywhere!!!

So those are my thoughts today. Tomorrow, just to support what I have said, I will go and make some money off of Walmart!! ;)

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  1. Hey Juls, They have started the new Walmart. It is going up behind (north of) the theaters just west of Kmart. I think this one is supposed to be soft goods, no grocery section. They are trying to take some of the burden off of the Springville store(one of the busiest stores they have). They are banking on the continued growth in the area. I HATE that they doing this. I know they are going to end up forcing Kmart to close. They did this up in AF, moved into the building and then built a new store and NOTHING has succeeded in that spot since then. There were a lot of very upset people over that. This Kmart is the only one beside the one up there by the Sam's Club in Provo. Orem has closed down. I try to avoid Walmart as much as I can and shop elsewhere.