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Monday, March 17, 2014

Bust Out the Clorox!!

Hey kids! De-junking time is in full swing!!! I hit the toyland jackpot with all these fabulous goodies! Just gotta run a bath of Clorox and then each of my kids get to pick out a fun new toy! The rest I will keep for stocking stuffers (there are so many, they'll forget by Christmas!) and some of them I will sell.
I just love treasure hunting!!!

 I sorted through 3 bouquets that had been thrown out. All of the carnations were still nice and fresh. I do love me some flowers!

 A super nice diaper bag, coloring books, squishy baby books, toys, crayons, unopened Christmas party favors, doll clothes...
The table that came with this was hashed but the chair is great! Plus a complete twin size airplane sheet set! Great condition!!
 Play food. Crayola color wonder kit.
 Canned food. So many toys!!!! One of my favorites is the little green lantern. It works too! Saving that for the kids when we go camping this summer.
Cash register, notebooks, purses, foll clothes, leap frog stuff....

I just LOVE what I do!!! It's like Christmas! I think some fun memories my kids will have will be going through all the treasures they mommy brings home!

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