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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today's hunt & a quick stop

I got us out the door fairly early this morning to do some hunting before the heat set in. I was feeling like I  was not hugely rewarded for my efforts but did score a few good things, the best of which was catching a couple of workers at one school who were throwing out 2 huge bags of lost and found! It turned out though, that the two bags were a HUGE score!!! Tons of sweaters, coats, lunch boxes, gloves, shoes and odds and ends! Tons of name brands in great condition!! This will be a big money maker for me!

 I also found an awesome, really heavy table/desk thing that I'm going to have to go back for tonight with the hubs.
I picked a silly day to be lugging stuff home as our road is still being paved and we have to park around the corner. Many thanks to the nice man who came over and helped me lug my two very heavy bags to my house. There are still good people out there! :)
I also found a couple of cool things at the city recycling bin. Not sure why these got thrown out... People are silly.
This awesome under bed tote has an insignificant crack. A breathing tester, hair pretties, a clear plastic frame, kids books, a balloon, a paper pad, plastic spoons and forks still packaged, tons of Kellogg's boxes (full of codes for FREE high value coupons!), and these two little surf boards that someone made. They are covered in brand new wash cloths. Just have to take them apart and I've got a bunch of new wash cloths!

I also made a quick stop at Macey's to grab a couple of this week's deals and found a fun clearance item that I decided to try.
The Popped! crackers were .79 each. The kids like them. :)
10 oz WF marshmallows .50 each!!
Shursavings whipped topping .95 ea
WF Peanut Butter $1.49!!!

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