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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am feeling so very blessed today! Well beyond what I deserve! The good Lord has such a funny way of balancing things out in my life. All that sweet with bitter and such.
Anywho, I hit the Payson Smith's and Walmart today and seriously cannot believe how well I did!! Truly the Lord was guiding me!

 At Walmart, all I needed were the sneakers for my daughter and the Mr. Clean erasers. With my double coupons, it would have cost $14 + tax if I had just gotten those. Of course, that's not what I did!
I got (6) Barilla Pasta $1.28 ea
-.50/1 Barilla whole grain (doubled)= .28 ea

(10) Colgate toothpaste .96 ea
-.75/1 Colgate 4.0+ oz (doubled)= +.06 each!

(10) Bic Pens .33 each (ad-matched w/Macey's ad)
-$1/1 any Bic stationary= +.77 each!!!!!

Because of those great items and coupons, I ended up paying less than $5 for ALL of it!!

At Smith's, they have their Bic Pens for .89 each. I got 10. I like that they also have the multi-color set available! So fun! :) And of course I used my $1 coupons on them!
The Cheetos were FREE with the Friday Freebie ecoupon.
The peanuts are on sale 3/$5.
The Progresso soups were on clearance, plus I had the new ecoupon for -$1.50/2 Progresso soups!
I got out of the store paying less than $3.50!!

Now, to balance all this sweetness, my trip to Rancho Market this afternoon was incredibly disappointing! There's a first time for everything!
Their system was down so they were only accepting cash so I wasn't able to get the great cantaloupe deal. Plus, their delivery was late and the awesome 5 doz eggs weren't available! I was pretty bummed.
I got some veggies and some apples but am still pretty bummed. I don't know if I'll make it up that way again this week. I might have to break one of my rules and ad match the melons and eggs... We'll see.

Over all, a very successful, very blessed day of shopping and saving!

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