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Friday, August 16, 2013


Don't you hate it when you get done at a store, get home, and realize you didn't even look to see if they had one of your coupon items in stock?! Well, that is why I need to write lists before I go! I will for sure do that next time!
We hit Smith's and Walmart in Payson. I had the fam with me. We didn't get much but we didn't need much either.
At Smith's we got the milk.
(2) 1/2 gal @ .89 each.
(3) Cinnamon Swirl bread @ .59 each on clearance.
NOS 16 oz energy drink FREE w/ecoupon

At Walmart:
2 bags salad .78 each (ad-matched w/Lolo's coupon)
Bananas .45/lb (ad-matched w/Lolo's coupon)
Bic Pens .33 each (ad-matched w/Macey's)
-$1/1 Bic stationary = +.77 each!!!
Enfagrow milk drinks FREE + .53 profit!!!
-$7/1 Enfagrow milk drinks coupon (in the mail)
We used the overage to cover the avacados, cilantro, and onions! They were FREE!

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