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Monday, August 5, 2013

Crazy Week!

Oh boy, it has been a wild, frustrating 5 days! I was stung by two wasps in two days and got to visit Instacare and the ER twice each. Then today I got to pay to see the allergist. I am so grateful for emergency savings and for insurance!
So now I am working on replacing the savings we spent on my medical needs. I've done a bit of shopping and some selling but it has been in fits and starts. Trying to be wise as I continue recovering. I've never been a patient person... :)

I hit Smith's and Walmart the other day for a few FREEBIES and such:
 I hit Walmart and grabbed 3 loaves of clearance bread at $.69 each!
The Crayola markers were FREE with my online print coupon.
The Herdez tortillas were $.78 with my online print coupon.
Reach Floss was FREE with my online coupons.
The Hot Shot Wasp spray, which I now carry when I go outside!, was a necessity and I got a good price.
I found the cute gray and lime shorts for my daughter for $1.00 each on clearance!! And a lovely orange summer dress for the first day of school for $3.00.
 At Smith's, I got the Scrubbing Bubbles for FREE with a coupon Smith's sent me!
The same with the Keebler cookies. It's so cool getting those coupons in the mail!!
Ken's dressing $1.49
-.50/1 coupon (also sent from Smiths)
Quaker bars $1.10 each on clearance
-$1/2 Quaker bars (another  coupon from Smith's!)
And finally the Depends, which are normally $11-13, were on clearance for $5.39.
I had a $3 coupon from one of their clearance kits a few months ago so I only paid $2.39. I figure I can resell them for at least $5-7.
Always keep an eye out for resale deals!!
My last stop was Stokes in Salem. They had their huge one day meat sale and it was awesome!! Along with the great meat deals, I got these Kellogg's fruit snacks for just $.77 each. No minimum amounts to buy or coupons needed.

I am going to do a bit of shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

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