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Friday, August 30, 2013

And then...

Hey kids. That dreaded time has come! School!! No, it's actually wonderful in almost every aspect. Just not for diving! The bins are full again of real garbage. :(  For a few more weeks there will be yard sale leftovers on Monday mornings and random goodies in the recycling bins (like the huge rubbermaid tote I found yesterday), but for the most part, the great hauls are done. It sucks but really, I have a shed full of stuff that I still need to sell, so I'm not too worried. Plus, there's still couponing! My other great passion!
I hit Walmart in Payson this morning and got a bunch of FREE Bic disposable razors and then 2 that I paid .47 each for. These are great for resale on the yard sale websites but also great to have on hand for bridal shower gifts and humanitarian aid packets.
I have been really busy lately on the yard sale websites! It is truly a wonderful blessing! I've been able to move lots of merchandise and have met some great people, forming relationships that never would have happened otherwise. I've been able to really contribute to my family's budget and it feels just awesome!
I've also been able to find things that my family needs at great prices! I highly recommend checking out your local facebook yard sale site!!
This coming week I will be focusing my energies on my backyard Wonderland project! It's time for bulbs and mums! I've been avoiding my yard work since the near fatal wasp incident. It's driving me crazy though, being away from my plants. I'll bundle up and be cautious, but I'm getting out there! Stay tuned!!
I'll be trying to find new bulbs and plants that others might be thinning from their yards. Trying to save as much money as possible while still creating something lovely. There will be pictures soon!
Happy Weekend, friends!

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