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Friday, August 9, 2013

Diving and Dealing!

First, a quick vent: The cashier at the Springville Walmart this afternoon did just about everything she could to call me a liar as I was ad-matching the Smith's Gillette gel deal. So annoyed! And especially after having such a lovely day at the zoo...
I still got my deal, but have resolved to stick with Smith's for Smith's deals! I felt a bit like I was cheating on them anyway and now I have even more reason to be loyal. Gonna try getting over there again before the big deal ends!
Okay, so on to happy stuff! I had an amazing haul diving yesterday! The schools are making their last preparations for the new year and I found a gold mine at one of my favorites!
I had to drag my husband back with me to get the heavy stuff and ended up finding loads more than I was expecting once I climbed in and started sorting. It was AWESOME!!!
Confetti, paper shred and basket filler galore! Party decorations and table cloths and more!

All kinds of office supplies

Electronics, craft supplies, home decor and more!

 This large wooden cable spool and the these cast iron drain covers were what got my attention in the first place and why I dragged the hubs back with me. You just never know what cool, weird things you'll find in the bins! Always an adventure!

I haven't finished sorting all of it yet and am still finding surprises! I just love what I do!

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