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Monday, August 19, 2013

A full van!

I just love coming home with a van full of treasures! I went into Provo today to do some shopping and to hit all of the Provo school bins. I ended up only hitting my coupon honey hole bin and then the dumpsters at Provo High. I filled the van there and wasn't able to get all the treasures they had. :( I may go back tomorrow, at least to hit all the other schools. We'll see.
 A project chair, very sturdy! Lovely doors. There were 2 more I didn't have room for. :(
Three fold up canopies!!! Assorted camping supplies. Three big tool boxes.
 So many brand new books!! There were tons more but I couldn't get to them. :(
These two bags of paperbacks were in my couponing bin. I'm excited to look through them and find me a new book to read!

After my hunting, I went to Lolo's in Provo. They are definitely still working out some bugs; they desperately need to have more cashiers on hand and they need some more training, but it was definitely worth the inconveniences for the deals I scored!

 Don Julio 10 ct tortillas .77 ea
6 pre-cooked mini pizza crusts .95 (day old clearance)
Shur Saving whipped topping .95 ea
Shur Saving frozen o.j. .97
Salmon 3.97/lb (2 lb bag)
Big bags Malt o Meal $1.98 (no limits!! They only have wheat puffs and frosted flakes on the deal.)
Don Julio chips .66 (w/in-ad coupon)
Sunbelt Granola Bars $1.25 each (w/in-ad coupon)
Milk $1.97 ea (w/in-ad coupon)

I don't remember the prices on the fruit, but they were good deals. :)

Stay tuned for Double Tuesday tomorrow!!!

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