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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Product Review Luvs Diapers

 I gave them a fair chance. Lesson learned; cheaper is not always better! 

  With my first 2 kids, I religiously used Huggies' Diapers. I never had a problem with them, on either my girl or my boy. With this one however, I decided to give Luvs, a much less expensive brand, a try. You know how I like saving money. 
  I quickly discovered that the supposed savings were eaten up with ruined clothing and a horrible skin rash. Every time my little girls poops, it all goes up her back, right out of the diaper.
  She also developed this horrible diaper rash just a few weeks into wearing Luvs. We treated it aggressively and it went away. Then it came back. We treated it again. Then it came back. Again and again and again. We tried several different treatments that the doctor recommended. 
  Then I spoke with my sister in law and come to find out, her baby boy had the same terrible reaction when wearing Luvs diapers. I decided right then that the battle was over. I was done! 
  My husband and I had wanted to use up the rest of the Luvs since we paid for them, but seeing my baby's angry red bum, at the point of having open sores, we decided against it and have had her laying on a bed pad all day with a bare bum. 
  My husband is off to Sam's Club with his mom to get a box of Huggies! No more of this nonsense!

Moral of the story: Cheaper sometimes equals trouble. If you have something that you know works and you love, find a way to afford it! Cut back elsewhere on things that don't matter as much! That is all I have to say about that. :)

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  1. I feel the same way! Our brand we love, though, is pampers. Or the Costco brand (but we don't have a Costco card). We went through luvs, wal mart brand, huggies, and the SAMs club brand and just don't like them!