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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freebies at the gym OR "just ask!"

 So I have a Golds Gym corporate membership through my husband's work. It is an amazing deal and I am grateful for it.
 My sister and I were the Terrible Twosome at the gym before she went back east to be a nanny. I was on my own for a whole year!! Well, since she has been back, I have been engaging in a pleasantly persistent offensive, doing all within my power to bring her back into the fold; to reunite the masters of the gym!
 Finally, she has given in! She went to the gym with me today and we got her all signed up. Never one to miss an opportunity, I asked the guy doing the paper work what he could hook me up with as I've brought my sister back.
 Here's what I got:
 A nice big t-shirt and a sweat towel for my workouts. My sister also got one of the towels.
Would we have gotten anything but a handshake if I hadn't of piped up? I doubt it. Open your mouths folks!! You never know until you ask! :)
Ps. We had a lovely workout! We're back! Watch out Gold's Gym patrons!!!

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