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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's Savings!

Today I hit Walmart and the Wonder bread store. Can I just say how devastated I am about the fall of Hostess? I feel for all the people losing jobs and I hate to have to start making my own bread again. I know, that's selfish and lazy of me. I really do feel bad for the employees though and truly hope the company will get bought out and they will get their jobs back.
So while I was at the Wonder store, I went ahead and stocked up on what I could.
Everything in the store (which isn't much) is 50% off. I got all of this for $6. The cashier told me today is their last day. There is some bread, corn tortillas, hamburger buns and candy left.

At Walmart, I grabbed a few more Christmas things for the kids. Boring stuff like socks and such. I had to hunt a bit, but none of them were made in China. I was apparently misinformed about Fruit of the Loom. :(
It seems that only a limited amount of their products are made in the USA. I couldn't find any that were. :(
I got a few double coupon items.
Some of the usuals:
Carefree liners FREE w/doubled coupon
Frigo cheese sticks $3.48
-.50/1 doubled= 2.48
Progresso soup starters $1.48
-.50/1 doubled= .48
Gerber baby cereal $1.98
-.65/2 doubled= 1.48 ea
Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix 17.5 oz $1.98
-.50/1 doubled= .98 ea

Yesterday I hit Buy Low and found some fun deals in the clearance carts.
 Shasta soda .25 ea
32 oz Crispy Rice $1.00
Kellogg's Raisin Bran $1.00
Motts and Betty Crocker fruit snacks .50 ea
-.50/2 coupon= .25 ea!!!
The cream cheese is .99 each. Great stock up price!! It is only this low at this time of year!
I grabbed some fruit and veggies. No particularly amazing prices as it wasn't their deal day but still better prices anywhere else. 
Best deals:
Iceberg lettuce 3/$1
Broccoli .50/lb
Gala apples .69/lb

And now some musings...
I picked up a big metal desk at a school yesterday. I've made a connection with the janitor and he leaves metal that's getting junked out behind the dumpsters for me. Sure beats hauling it out of a stinky dumpster!
We'll junk most of it for scrap but James is going to use the wooden desktop and the rollers from the drawer to make me a roll out shelf for my pots and pans. How cool is that?!
I am sitting here thinking about the things that we do to cut costs while still getting the things we really want. We have to be more patient and way more creative than other people, who choose to go into debt. The patience pays off though in lack of debt stress and the ability to breathe easy, even when unexpected needs arise. We are still poor, but comfortably so. :)
I really believe, that no matter what your life situation, no matter how much debt you have and however small your income might be, if you will just apply these principles to your life, you too can live with less stress and feel more peace in your life. You won't likely be rich or have all the goodies that the rest of society thinks are so important and necessary, but you will have joy and your family will have all that it truly needs. Plus maybe a few extras here and there, like dance lessons and a monthly pizza night.
1. If it isn't on sale and/or you don't have a REALLY good coupon, DON'T BUY IT!!
2. If it is on a great sale and/or you have a REALLY good coupon, and it is something you will actually need and use, BUY AS MUCH OF IT AS YOU CAN REASONABLY USE/STORE BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE.
3. If you can live without it, (and be honest, you probably can!)then DON'T BUY IT!!
America's garages and attics are chock full of crap that people thought they or their kids just had to have! 
4. Reign in the impulse or crying kid buys! This generation of kids is more spoiled than any in history. Rather than giving into their every demand because we don't want to deal with a tantrum or have someone think we're a bad parent, remind yourself that YOU ARE THE PARENT! You are the boss, your child is not. You are the father/mother. Not the best friend. Not only will these pacification's waste your money, you will also be responsible for having raised a child with a lack of discipline and self control and also likely bad spending habits.Reign it in! Be tough!
5. If there is a cheaper, but still reasonable, effective and legal way to get what you want, go for it! No brand or store loyalties! That can be hard for some people if you've been dedicated to a certain retailer or even a friend's business.I know it's tough sometimes, but you have to do what is best for your family. At the same time, I strongly encourage shopping local business whenever possible as a better local economy is a benefit to all
"Use it up, wear it out. Make do or do without."
Those who lived through the depression (a situation that most of us can't even imagine the severity and devastation of) still live by this mantra, knowing too well how quickly and easily we can lose all that we have. 
You can make your situation better. You don't need anyone to bail you out or to sacrifice your self respect by supporting a government that is quickly heading towards socialism, promising to give everyone their fair share. You can stand up and take care of yourself and your family! It will require work! Sacrifice! Self control! And lots of creativity! You can do it!
That is my soap box for today! It's up to us to save our nation, my friends!

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