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Friday, November 2, 2012

Flu Shot Research

So I wanted to try flu shots for the kids this year and you know me, always looking for a deal! I found that Jean Brown & associates Research out of Salt Lake was doing a study on the current commercial flu shot and was looking for participants so I signed up the baby.
We got a call back this week and her and I drove up to get it done. The study is on the same flu shot that you get at the doctor's office for this year. They just draw the child's blood before and after the shots to see if the body is reacting properly to the immunization in order to know how to formulate the shot next year.
My baby is such a trooper and did a great job!
We have to go back up for another shot in one month and then for the final blood draw a month after that. We were paid $100 for the first visit. We'll be paid $100 for the second visit and $50 for the 3rd visit. We used the first payment to buy huge boxes of Huggies and wipes for the baby.
There are all kinds of ways out there to get what you need for yourself and your babies. Sometimes you just have to be creative!

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  1. Wonderful! When we lived in Student FAmily Housing at the U of U some 30 years ago, I participated in a couple of studies like this. It was very convenient because the tests were done right there on campus, and the extra money was really helpful for us poor starving students. One of them was for a new anti-bacterial hand soap that they were testing for doctors. For that one, we had to have the bacteria levels on our hands tested before and after scrubbing with the soap. The other test wasn't medical related. KUED television station was trying out a new kid's program, so I got paid $20 to take my pre-schooler to go watch it and give our feedback on it. Not bad!