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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yesterday's Finds!

Here are the goodies I found in the BYU area dumpsters of student apartments. I will be going again tomorrow, so be sure to come on back!
 Laundry hamper and a bunch of great clothes.
A heavy duty cleaning supply tote.
A snow disc.
A brand new beanie still in original plastic.
 A box of cleaning supplies.
 2 small waste baskets.
A cook book, some Missouri school letters, a shower rack, a really nice insulated  cooler, some brand new reusable shopping bags, a large wooden frame.
 As always, dish drainers!
 Office supplies.
A gift basket with paper shred and ribbon. Lotions, nail polish and odds and ends.
A Hawaii calendar.

All great stuff for my next yard sale! Now I need to put all of this away, get the clothing washed, and get ready to hunt tomorrow!

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