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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Quick Deal and learning from the past!

Two years ago I bought this fabulous pair of stretchy capris at Kmart. I absolutely loved them to threads! I had gone back a month or two after buying them and of course they were no longer available. Since then, I have looked at Kmart and many other stores, hoping to find more of them. It just didn't happen. But finally, last week my luck turned! I was picking up a prescription at Kmart here in Spanish Fork and took a minute to browse the ladies department. I was thrilled to find that they finally had my capris in again!! They were a $1 more expensive than before but I didn't care! I grabbed a pair with delight!
Since then, I have been thinking many times that I can't make the same mistake this time and simply HAD to get back over there and grab a couple more. Spending the money was the problem, as usual. You know I have a really hard time doing that. :)
Today though, I had to go in for another Rx and gave in to that wise voice in my head, grabbing two more pair, one black and one blue.
I picked up my Rx and a 5% off Apparel coupon printed with my receipt! I took it as a sign! Then, at the register, I found out that I had almost $2 in Shop Your Way Rewards available and had the cashier go ahead and apply them. I ended up saving $3 on my order, which brought them below the price I paid two years ago!
I highly recommend all you ladies get a couple pair of these!! They can be dressed up or down. I might add some bead detail to the hem of one of them....
More praise: through weight gain and weight loss and weight gain, they always keep their shape and fit beautifully. I recommend going with a size small than you think you'll need as they run a little big and you'll want them nice and snug.
They are modest and super comfortable and I love them!! Just might have to go back for one or two more pair... They even have some wild prints available that I'm contemplating.... :)

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