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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cleaning out the closets??

Hey kids! It looks like the well-dressed ladies around town are cleaning out their closets! I hit the bins yesterday and today and found boxes and bags of high quality, name brand misses/ladies clothing, shoes, accessories and more!!!
Video games, phone accessories, scalp massager, hair products and more!
TONS of clothes!!! Lots of Aeropostale and Victoria's Secret tops and pants!
Clothes!! LOTS of gorgeous scarves!!! My little girl and her best friend were most excited about these! We might have to keep one or two... ;)
Bags of brand new vacuum bags! Vintage wall paper, clothes, toys, home decor...

And one of the most unexpected finds of my career...
Hoping one of my brothers or my parents will have a gun that these fit! Which reminds me, always BE CAREFUL when diving! Glass isn't the only dangerous thing you might encounter!

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